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Our Mission

  • To reach people of the various ethnic sgroup within the community, to see them become part of Christ's Church.
  • To equip and mobilize those people to function fruitfully both in the local Church and in every aspect of their lives.
  • To win the un-churched and to assimilate them into a committed body of Spirit-filled Christian.
  • To equip people under the leadership of qualified ministers enabling them to
    fulfill their God-given purposes, to achieve a level of growth and maturity in
    these Christian that they may influence the community, the state and the world

Our Vision

  • To exalt the Lord by dynamic, Holy Spirit-Inspired Worship, Praise and Prayer, and to give our time, talents and gifts as an offering to the Lord. (WORSHIP).
  • To equip the Church to fulfill her destiny through Godly vision, biblical
    teachings and pastoral ministries. To bring believers to maturity and effective ministry in Christ, resulting in a restored, triumphant Church. (DISCIPLESHIP).
  • To extend the Kingdom of God from the Church to our neighborhoods, our
    cities, our nations and the world through aggressive evangelism. (EVANGELISM).
  • To demonstrate God's love to one another by encouraging every believer to develop deeper relationships with other believers resulting in mutual encouragement and accountability. This is practical through gathering groups of different Church services. (MINISTRY).
  • To incorporate God's family within the body of Christ. This is expressed in our commitment to strong emphasis on family in our preaching and other social activities organized by the Church to bring us closer to one another. (FELLOWSHIP).


Prayer Conference Line

Every Morning 5:45AM - 6:15AM, Dial (218) 486-1300 Enter bridge number 915936

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