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Church Ministries


  • To provide church members with another avenue for developing relationships in the church.
  • This will insure that members stay, connected to the local body.


The Vision of the Men of Faith is to develop, equip and empower men to be leaders in the homes, church (body of Christ), and in the community. This vision is being accomplished through the in-depth teaching of the word of God; with strong emphasis on how to be the man God wants us to be, a strong and effective prayer and discussions on spiritual, social and political issues relating to men. This department reaches out to other men by a strong and effective discipleship through various small groups and prayer partnership network.


The Good Women is the Women's ministry dedicated to growing spiritual women. The focus is to see that women grow in their daily relationship with God. The women's ministry is actively involved in affecting the lives of other women who have not come to know the Lord through evangelism. Hence, the women are taught on how to be a good Christian wife, how to raise godly children in the society, and strategies to have a happy home.


The youth Ministry caters to kids 16 and under. Bringing kids up in a biblical way through fun filled activities geared towards the young ones is the main goal of the youth department. The activities includes: Kid Bible Study, Drama and Dance Ministry, Youth's music ministry, where kids are trained in Singing and lessons on how to play various musical instruments.


The primary purpose of this ministry is to communicate God's Word through evangelism.  The Missions team is assigned the purpose of evangelism.  Their target is the community.  Their job is to plan, promote, and oversee all of the church's outreach events, evangelistic activities and programs, and missions projects.  They are to organize whatever it takes to reach our community and our world for Christ.


The primary purpose of this ministry is to celebrate God's presence in worship. This team is assigned the purpose of worship. Their target is the crowd. Their job is to plan and oversee our weekend seeker service, special worship emphases and events, and to provide music and worship resources to the rest of the church.


The primary purpose of the Ushering ministry is to provide order and assist church leadership in creating a quite and welcoming atmosphere to church members during the service. They serve to welcome new visitors and get them familiar with the church, and help to direct people traffic during the worship service.


The Primary purpose of this ministry is focused on improving the worship experience through Audio/Visual and Information Technology.


Prayer Conference Line

Every Morning 5:45AM - 6:15AM, Dial (218) 486-1300 Enter bridge number 915936

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